Welcome to Ozone

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If you're looking for communication solutions for your business, then you've come to the right place. Ozone is the only telecom provider that exclusively services other businesses. That's why all our products and services are designed from the ground up to work at their best for companies like yours.

Cloud PBX Solutions

The Cloud PBX package being offered by Ozone provides a unique opportunity for businesses to lighten the load of their communication costs and considerations. By switching to this more modern PBX, businesses will be able to enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based solution without losing any of the functionality of traditional PBX systems.


Ozone is Malta's only exclusive business to business telephony provider. Our focus on servicing businesses has allowed us to lead the way in the market. Offering our customers a comprehensive and innovative array of communication features, coupled with an effective and flexible low-cost telephony plan.


Ozone have partnered with Grenke to create a comprehensive, modern, and accessible communications package for the hospitality industry in Malta. This package features all the communication tools that today's hoteliers will need to ensure a seamless and personalised experience for their guests.

Broadband Internet

Experience the difference of a high-speed wireless broadband connection for your business with our next generation network. This wireless system uses 22 operational base stations located all across Malta and Gozo, giving a high amount of coverage for our business-grade broadband Internet with unlimited downloads.

Display Technology

Retail technology is constantly evolving. Our indoor and outdoor digital display solutions can be adapted and designed for different environments. Offering endless possibilities in the ways that businesses can communicate their brand or merchandising messages to customers.

Free Wi-Fi Platform

Discover an array of marketing features and analytic capabilities that can be implemented through your own free Wi-Fi platform. Using your existing Wi-Fi hardware, your business can easily benefit from this powerful tool by connecting with your customers in real time. Engage with new and returning customers with your own brand or promotional messages.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Our Zyppee Campaigns solution gives businesses an easy and seamless way to communicate their messages through SMS marketing. Featuring a robust campaign manager interface, Zyppee allows marketers to engage with their audience in a fast, direct and inexpensive way. Reaching thousands of customers within minutes at an afforable rate.

Data Center Services

Our premises includes an industry standard facility for our data center services. Featuring managed hosting, disaster recovery, connectivity and MPLS, and storage solutions. All operated and managed by our team of skilled IT technicians. Giving you access to a completely secure storage solution that saves you the expense of investing in your own data management system.